About us

Folia was founded by Louise Gill in 2017.

Louise had always had a passion for interiors and gardens. This interest led her to enrol as a student at the acclaimed Cotswold Gardening School on a professional planting design course. This gave Louise the confidence to start offering her services as a planting designer. 

"It was when we had a new kitchen extension and we wanted to soften up the space and bring in some plants, that I realised how hard it was to find good plants. Especially somewhere you could get advice and help".

Louise did her research, read loads of books and researched online. She then sourced some plants wholesale for use in her own home and then started thinking about the possibility of bringing these to a wider audience.

So from selling plants out of her home and doing pop ups and events, Louise took the bold step to launch Folia as a retail store in the heart of Cheltenham's Montpellier in 2018. This was a bit of a tester to see if this could work both for the business and personally for Louise. The shop has proved to be a great success but recently Louise took the decision to come out of the shop and focus on what she loved doing best which is pop ups and events and selling online. This gives Louise flexibility both professionally and personally.

The shop has become a popular destination for plant lovers looking for a wide range of plants and accessories, friendly advice and a specialist plant sourcing service. After the shop closes at the end of June, Folia will still be very much around, you'll be able to order online and find out where we'll be popping up next by visiting our Pop ups and Events page.

Two years on and Louise has had a successful shop with a fantastic team working to help bring the very best advice and service to the plant novice or the hardened enthusiast. 

"I'm really proud of the team and get a real lift to see how much they enjoy working at Folia. They share my passion for all things plants and are totally brilliant."

The team at Folia's next challenge is to launch both a UK wide online store in June 2019 and share her passion for houseplants with more people in more places.