Plant style

Here's our ideas for making the most of your plants and bringing some interior style to your collection.

Plant gang

Plants often work better together. Within your plant gang remember to mix the colour, shape and texture to create more interest. To do this select a feathery plant such as Asparagus setaceus (Asparagus fern) and put this together with a more architectural shape such as a Sansevieria. But bear in mind the basic principles about light and what each individual plant needs.

Plants also create their own eco system if they're grouped together, this can also help with plants that have the same needs and especially those that prefer higher humidity such as Ferns and Calatheas.


Pots really come into their own and can really bring out the plants best features. Think about contrasting colours and textures in the pot. If your plant is really vibrant and colourful, think about using a concrete or simple textured pot to act as a contrast. 

Colour, shape and texture

This is a basic design principle in outdoor planting design but works in the same way inside. Try and mix these up to get the best visual display from your plants and create more impact.


Get more out of your plants by playing with different levels. Lift plants off of the floor onto small tables or plant stands to give extra height. Experiment with shelves and bookcases, mix a trailing plant with something upright, remembering to mix the textures and colours too. 


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