Houseplants and where to start

Have you got a bad track record with plants or scared to take the plunge and become a plant parent? It can be a daunting process, and faced with a shop full of greenery it can be difficult to know where to start.

Here's a few basics to get you started.....

Know what you're buying. Always try and find out what the plant is called, you'll then be able to do some basic research to find out what the light requirements are for your new houseguest

Understand your light. Take some time at home to know where in the house gets full sun, indirect light, low light. This will help you make the right plant choices

Right plant, right place. This goes for any plant placed inside or outside, one size does not fit all

Water, less is most definitely more when it comes to watering. This is where knowing which plant you're buying is a must. Some plants like a damp soil all of the time such as Calatheas and Marantas, where others such as Ficus elastica and Monstera like to dry out in between waterings. 

How to water your plants. If your plant is in it's plastic nursery pot and then placed into a ceramic pot, take it out of the ceramic pot and take it to the sink and water it so the water can drain through the plant. Then place this back into its ceramic pot, this way the water won't collect at the bottom of the pot and cause root rot. 

Don't be scared to give things a go, be brave and try. If things don't work, learn and try again.

Plants are not an exact science, use your eyes, senses and instinct to understand your plants. This takes time but it most certainly pays off.

Don't forget to have fun with it and enjoy your plants.



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